Black and White Fire

The ancient Rabbis teach a concept of black and white fire.  It is said that the scriptures are written with black fire on white fire.  Many of these ancient Rabbis have commented on what the black and white fire are and actually mean.  There are many interpretations and all are worth a look to better help us understand the Word of YHVH.

I know my Messiah.  His name is Yeshua of Nazerath, and He died to take away the punishment I deserve for breaking the instructions of His Father.  Because of this, my interpretation may be a little different from most of the ancient Rabbis.  Here is my interpretation of white and black fire!

Open your Bible.  Any where will do.  When you open your Bible and see the Word of YHVH you are looking at the black and white fire.  Notice that the text in the scriptures is black.  The page is white.  Notice the contrast here.  What if we had black text on a black page?  What if we had white text on a white page?  Could you read it?  Would we be able to get anything out of it?  If either of these two scenarios were the case, would we be able to even get past the first page in a 1000+ page Bible?

After reading this, maybe you will see that you may be trying to read white text on a white page or black text on a black page in your life.

Let us first talk about the page.  The white page that our scriptures are written on represents the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of YHVH.  This is the white fire.  We are to be led in our walk with our Messiah by the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gives us gifts that we are to use to do the work of YHVH here on Earth.  Remember also that the Holy Spirit is not the only type of spirit that we can encounter here on Earth.

The black text on the page is the black fire.  It is the Word of YHVH.  It is the instructions and teachings that we are supposed to live by as a follower and believer in the One True God.

Let us now put this book together!  We have the black letters which is the black fire, the Word of YHVH that is written on the white page, the white fire, the Holy Spirit.  What this says to me is that we are to know and follow the black fire that is written on the white fire.  We are to follow the instructions of the word in the Holy Spirit.  To have this “book” we need both.  We need the white pages and the black text.  We need the Word of YHVH.  The entire Word of YHVH.  The Tanakh and the New Testament! More than that we need it to be written on the white page!  The Holy Spirit.  Without both, we are looking at trying to read white on white or black on black.

If we are only living with the Holy Spirit that has been given to us, all we will ever see is white pages.  It will be white page after white page.  These white pages are an amazing thing but they are not being used for their intended purpose.  To teach us and lead us in the instruction of YHVH!   We can not see white text on a white page!  Even worse, what we tend to do while we are running around in the Spirit in our lives is we try to add our own text to the page!  This is very dangerous.  This is where congregations have “felt led” to add their own black fire to the white pages.  This is where man made doctrine comes from.  This is why there are now over 41,000 denominations in Christianity today.   (Remember there are more spirits in the world than the Holy Spirit)

If we do not have true black fire on our white page, then it is easy for the enemy to come in and confuse us and teach us to write our own text on the page and think it is being done by the Holy Spirit.  We must realize that everything we felt led to do in the Holy Spirit should hold up to the Word of YHVH.  It should make sense and be in alignment with the Torah (instructions) of YHVH.

Aaron and the Israelites put their own black text on a blank page in the book of Exodus.  In Exodus 32:5, regarding the building of the golden calf,  Aaron proclaimed “Tomorrow is a feast unto YHVH”  Aaron certainly knew YHVH.  They built the golden calf to replace Moses after his long absence up on the mountain.  The golden calf was never intended to be a new god for the Israelites.  Aaron had a blank page.  He put text on that blank page that was not from YHVH.  Aaron was certainly led by the spirit to make this feast unto YHVH, but which spirit?  He obviously did not hold the direction in which this spirit was leading him up to the instructions he had been given by YHVH through Moses or he never would have created a golden calf!

Are we like Aaron in any aspect of our lives?  As believers in the Messiah we do have the Holy Spirit to guide us, but if we are not careful and learned, not every direction we will be led in our life will be from the Holy Spirit.  The enemy DOES hear our prayers.  It does not matter if you believe that to be true or not, he can.  (Why do you pray in the name of the Messiah?)  Why did it take so long for the angels to get to their destination in the book of Daniel?

When we are led to do something by the spirit in our lives we need to check to make sure it holds up to what the Torah and the rest of the Word of YHVH teaches to make sure it is actually coming from Him.  The more we know the word in our hearts and minds, the better we will be at this process.  Do not think for a second that the enemy can not and will not try to deceive you in believing that you are being led by the Holy Spirit when, in fact, it is he that is leading you!

Do you believe that you have ever been led by Satan in your life?  No you say? Have you ever had an impure thought?  Ever struck out at someone in anger?  If you believe the only way we are led in our lives is through the Holy Spirit then you must believe the Holy Spirit led you to have those types of thoughts and actions!  Of course not!  The Holy Spirit would never lead you in that way!  I know this may be a difficult subject and it may seem very abstract and bring some fear or disbelief to you… but if you believe in the good guys you have to also believe in the bad guys!

The Holy Spirit is very powerful and can lead us to amazing things in our lives.  The enemy is also very powerful and has the ability to lead us in directions that we should not be going.  It is very important that when we feel led by the spirit in our lives that we hold that feeling accountable to the black fire on the pages in the scripture, the word of YHVH.  If the direction we feel we are being led contradicts the Torah of YHVH then it is not from Him!  We can be deceived very quickly if we are not holding ourselves accountable to the word and following the Father’s instructions.

On the other side we need to have the Holy Spirit working in our lives.  If we only have the word of YHVH then we are trying to read black text on a black page.  The black letters and instructions mean nothing if we do not follow them in the Spirit.  It is like YHVH asking us to clean our room and we do it, but we do it begrudgingly!  This is not how YHVH wants us to follow Him.  This is not how the disciples followed our Messiah when He was here on the Earth and it is not how our Messiah wants us to ever follow Him.

We need both!  We need the black fire of the Word of YHVH written on the white fire of His Holy Spirit.  Without both, we can get ourselves off track and in a lot of trouble!  If we have both, we will have the power and understanding of the Torah and the Holy Spirit in our lives.  We will then have the ability to walk out the word through the Holy Spirit and when we fall, we will be able to check our transgression against the word and be able to repent and fix that issue in our life being led by the Holy Spirit.  We will know when we are being led and who it is that is trying to lead us.  We will be armed for battle and be walking side by side with the One True God, YHVH.

Have a blessed day!


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